Parking curbs

APPR20 Unique self-adhesive parking curb

Unique self-adhesive parking curb

This wheel stop is designed to define the exact place where you must stop your vehicle in your garage and so have extra space to place bicycles, motorcycles, etc.. Also if your car is bordered by the front or behind another vehicle, it allows you to park in the same place forever without exceeding the ceiling of your garage. Installation is very simple and it comes with a great self adhesive.

This parking curb is sold in supermarkets chains, car accessory shops, hardware stores, etc. It has a special packaging for sale with instructions in 6 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

APPR21 PVC parking block

PVC parking block

This parking block is made from recycled PVC, this material is very strong. It has the advantage over the parking block made of cement that installs quickly and the same way can be quickly removed. Also features 4 reflective sheets for a magnificent signaling.

APPR24 Rubber park stopper

Rubber park stopper

Parking Blocks ore parking stop are fabricated from premium quality Natural /EPDM rubber. They have high resistance to severe impact & brutal weather conditions. Parking Blocks will help bring order to your residential and parking lots. These can be installed onto the ground of the allotted /painted Parking Slots to prevent the car form going beyond a certain limit thus protecting the wall / glass glazing structure & the car itself from damages. Solid coloring throughout means they never need painting and will retain an attractive appearance year even under the harshest of conditions. These are installed with the help of epoxy & anchor bolts.

APPR25 Rounded parking curb

Rounded parking curbPark stop, park curb, parking block

Made of rubber, the parking curb APPR25 has six holes reinforced with metal grommets so that the bolts do not break the rubber. It’s extra high to difficult the vehicle going beyond the limit. As the same way of previous wheel stoppers, can be installed and uninstalled quickly.

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